A pocket translator & visual language to support physician-patient communication over Covid-19 diagnostic


Communicating with a doctor or nurse over Covid-19 symptoms can be tough, especially when the native language is not the same. This is particularly the case among communities who have recently migrated, like in Calais (France) for example. 

Did you know Arabic is the second most spoken language in France? And that more than 300 000 people have immigrated in Europe in 2019, across the Mediteranean Sea only (source UNHCR)

This language barrier can lead to misunderstandings and impact Covid-19 diagnostic and treatment.

What is Trad-19?

Trad-19 is an open-source Covid-19 pocket translator for health professionals

  • Web application (free and no registration)
  • Ready to use from today, with translations from French and English
  • Access via mobile and desktop
  • 40 translated and illustrated keywords related to Covid-19 diagnostic
  • Including symptoms, medical history and evaluation
  • Translations from French to the 6 most-spoken languages in the country
  • Translations by volunteers in their native language
  • 17 icons and pictures for a visual language support
  • Open-source for anyone to adapt the concept to their own languages combinations

Available languages

From English to:

  • Arabic
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Romanian
  • Spanish


Many thanks to all volunteers who helped with the translations:

  • Jamel
  • Michaël
  • Sadok
  • Alex
  • Björn
  • Stéphane
  • Oana
  • Kerstin
  • Roxana
  • EUvsVIRUS Hackathon
  • Yellow Chatters network


This application is proposed by a network of volunteers, and should in no case be considered a scientific or medical information source.